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Dutch online jazz magazine ‘Jazzflits‘ wrote a very nice article on our album NOLA. As did ‘Mpodia‘ Because the articles are in dutch, we’ll try to give an english translation.


A bookalbum is what the four musicians of RED call their last – live recorded – release ‘NOLA’. The quartet recorded thirteen pieces that can only be heard digitally through Sound Liaison. With it goes a book in red, white and black with beautiful drawings, inspired by the musical life in the ‘city’ that all is about on this ‘record’: New Orleans, birthplace of jazz.

‘NOLA’ stands for New Orleans, Louisiana. Trumpet player Ellister van der Molen and organist Bob Wijnen visited the town in 2019 and let the jazz- and funk scene inspire them for a contemporary interpretation of the New Orleans sound. With driving Wijnen on Hammond and Wouter Kühne on drums the traditional horn section with Van der Molen and Gideon Tazelaar could go ahead.

RED plays funky and energetic as always in eight New Orleans classics (such as ‘Just a closer walk with Thee’ and ‘St James Infirmary’) and five originals. Long live hardbop! Especially when interpreted live by passionate musicians.

The recordings were made before Corona in the Muziekcentrum van de Omroep. In the book belonging to the album the songs get further explanation and the band introduces itselve.

After the first song it’s clear rightaway why New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz. RED perfectly catches the typical sound of black music at the turn of the last century, with the typical New Orleans swinging march rhythm and gives it a nowadays flavour that sounds very natural. The feel of traditional jazz is around and old style jazz lovers will appreciate that.


When Bob Wijnen and Ellister van der Molen talked about their love for New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA) they wanted to turn it into music. The hammond organist and trumpet player know what it’s like in this American jazz town. The love has been settled there and everyone who has walked through Bourbon street to the Mississippi Queen in the French Quarter knows.

To put this love into music worked out well. Together with Wouter Kühne and Gideon Tazelaar the quartet is complete. The lovely soul breathing sound of jazz and blues can be heard on ‘Blues my naughty sweety gives to me’ or the ‘Treme Dirge’ that leads us via ‘St James Infirmary’ to ‘Frenchman Street’.

It’s a live album, which reminisces the vibes of New Orleans itselve, where in the city center bands are playing live in many cafes. Especially jazz and blues are in favour. You’ll find yourself strolling through the streets where all levels of musicians play, all for the love of music.

To put this message through well RED thought of presenting this book full of wonderful illustrations. When you buy the book you get the download of the tunes included. A crowdfunding made it possible to make music and art work together as an experience. To listen to music is not just to listen to a Spotify song, it’s to submerge yourself into the atmosphere of the album, the cover, the book with illustrations or photos. Music gets to be more alive when the story that goes with it gets to be told. That’s why this is a must for all jazz lovers. For the music that’s broadly oriented it’s surely worth it to buy.

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