RED | Ellister van der Molen, Bob Wijnen, Gideon Tazelaar, Wouter Kühne


RED by Merlijn Doomernik
Photo: Merlijn Doomernik

Ellister van der Molen – trumpet & flugelhorn
Gideon Tazelaar – tenor sax
Bob Wijnen – Hammond organ
Wouter Kühne – drums

RED is a dutch band with two dyed-in-the-wool musicians and two up-and-coming super talents. Their sound is uplifting, vibrant and energetic. Soulful jazz with that great Hammond organ sound, the classic combination of trumpet and tenor saxophone and drums that swing the American way.
In the spotlight are trumpeter Ellister van der Molen and the very talented saxophonist Gideon Tazelaar, while organist Bob Wijnen and drummer Wouter Kühne form the engine of this steaming band. The solo careers of all four musicians are impressive, as a team they’re swingin’!
RED’s most recent project – NOLA – pays tribute to New Orleans and its rich musical tradition. Trumpet hero and composer Terence Blanchard loves NOLA from start to finish:

“Being a New Orleanian I can really appreciate when someone pays homage to the great musical history of my home town. RED fully feels and embodies the vibe and spirit of New Orleans. It is very apparent that Ellister en Bob spent time in New Orleans gaining insight into how the music was created and what it means to the city…Loving NOLA from start to finish.”
– Terence Blanchard

Their debut CD Ahooo! received a ****½ review in dutch jazz glossy Jazzism and more people commented on the band’s quality:

“Jesus Christ, that is a good sound!…Ready to release on Blue Note” (Hans Dulfer, Front Runnin’)

“Great to hear young talent and seasoned jazz heads joining forces for this full steam ahead swinging album” (Benjamin Herman)

“Red presents the kind of accessible, foot-tapping organ combo jazz with funky thickness, uplifting enough to transform any self-respecting couch potato into Mr. Swivel Hips.” (Flophouse Magazine)

RED stands by Art Blakey’s statement: “We’re here to have a ball”.